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What's the best way to use the PHOOZY in extreme HEAT?

Before putting your phone inside your PHOOZY, it’s best to first close apps with high energy usage like Waze or Google Maps as they will quickly overheat your phone even while it’s on standby. If your phone is already warm to the touch, do not put it inside the PHOOZY. The PHOOZY has some amazing NASA tech under the hood but it is not a phone cooler. Also, the PHOOZY is not designed to be left in hot vehicles (it’s just an oven for your phone!). We recommend 3 hours max. Lastly, to get the most battery extending time, keep your phone in your PHOOZY for max protection. If you keep taking your phone out in the sun, it’s like constantly removing your beer koozie—it’s not going to get the job done.

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