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Will the PHOOZY protect my phone in a COLD or HOT car?

While the PHOOZY Thermal Capsules are not designed to be left in a cold or hot vehicle for an extended period of time, some customers (including large Fortune 500 companies) are using them for that purpose with great success. We recommend 3 hours max. However, please know that after an extended period of time, thermal balance will occur (meaning the internal temperature of the PHOOZY will match the ambient temperature). 

While the PHOOZY is not a phone warmer or heater, it will extend the period of time that a phone will remain at its operating temperatures much in the same way your jacket will keep you from freezing or a cooler will keep a beverage cool in the heat, but only for a period of time. In testing we have successfully extended battery life up to 4X in temperatures of zero degrees Fahrenheit.

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